The Caterham Challenge VI

The Caterham Challenge VI

Tuesday December 11 2012 Author: Caterham Composites Location: Micronesia, Federated States of

Mike Gascoyne's Blog 11/12/12

Good morning all from the Caterham Challenge


Position N 19 18.514 W 52 15.050



SOG            8.2 knots
COG            282
TWS            22.2 knots
TWD           066





Good morning all from the Caterham Challenge

A very steady and enjoyable night on the boat. Beatiful conditions and although a conservative sailplan with main with 1 reef and solent made steady progress with lots of sleep, so I feel much better. In trying to push the boat more evernight for the previous nights it also made me very tired, which was counter productive. 

Three ships during the night made it seem positivey busy overnight.

Will hold this course until 07:00pm tonight and then gype for Grenada.

No new mechanical issues overnight. Only concern was another pilot issue. Boat came off a wave and rounded into wind and the pilot could not get it back. I went to switch the pilot off, but the remaining controller said it had a key lock, so I could not do anything. I had not changed anything so don't know why was in this mode and did not know how to switch out of this mode. Power cycled BG system at the breaker and all back to normal.



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