The next Challenge II

The next Challenge II

Tuesday December 4 2012 Author: Caterham Composites Location: Germany


Pictures taken by Peter Scrimshaw

Mike Gascoyne's Blog 04/12/12

Good morning all from the Caterham Challenge

Position     N 025 28.715

Position N 025 28.715 W 027 58.458


SOG          10.6kts
COG          254
TWD          23.1kts
TWD          115

Sailplan      Main, 1 Reef + Solent

Comments Hydro Gen down


No problems over the last 24hrs apart from discovering the costs of the sat link and the fact that the nipper from the delivery crew drank 50% of my suppliess of diet coke without replacing or telling me.

The day was spenf with full main and just gaining miles down the trac with no problems. Spent the day doing chores and a call with work in preparation for a conference call with Renault today. Cleaned out the bilges which are dry in the main boat and only 'sweating' in the rear compartments, and did a full deck and mast check before dark, again no issues.

Plan was to keep full sail throughout the night for the first time and put more miles on but this was thwarted by conditions. The sunset was great with cloudless sky and the stars coming out, but these rapidly disappeared behind me as cloud build up. Decided after an hour to stick a reef in. The rest of the night has been quite squally and also two big shifts followed by light patches. Kept awake for longer periods overnight by drinking EQ8 and chased the shifts. Although the mileage overnight won't look great I actually did a better job of getting what was available from the boat which was the aim.

Wind is now shifting slightly south and speeds build up. I have constantly been up at 70 - 75% of polar speed which is getting better.



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