The next Challenge - Mike Gascoyne's ambitious transatlantic trip

The next Challenge - Mike Gascoyne's ambitious transatlantic trip

Tuesday December 4 2012 Author: Caterham Composites Location: Micronesia, Federated States of

Picture taken by Peter Scrimshaw 

Mike Gascoyne's Blog 03/12/12

Good morning all from the Caterham Challenge


Position N 027 29.00 W 024 34.804



SOG    9.5 kts
COG   222
TWS   21.5 kts
TWD   073





Really good 24 hours and a much better night than last night. After gybing back onto startboard yesterday morning, I had a good run during the day, mostly with full main and solent we odd reef put it in when necessary when squalls came in. Again got this to be very efficient so really feel on top of handling this sailplan. Around 10:00pm last night we eventually got the wind shift to the east we were expecting so put a reef in and gybed onto port as planned. With all the ballast and stacking this took an hour but after sorting the boat out ran the latest weather routing which for the first time gave a direct southerly with 6 days on port at a bearing of 230 which is what we are on.

Since the whole night has been fast sailing on that bearing. Furled away the solent once in a squall but since then have not needed to even in squalls up to 32kts as the boat feels fine. Part of this is me being more used to the speed but also the sea state is much better with much smaller wave so the boat feels much more stable and speeds are more consistent.

Plan for today is to go to full main and keep on pushing down the path, will spend some time tying to maximise performance. Weather model shows TWA reducing and I'm starting to see that coming down to 130 so I've put in the forward ballast and again the boat feels more stable.

Starting to run out of fresh fruit and the more favoured goodies and more importantly, bags of my bucket, christened 'Bob'. When the bags run out Bob will really be in the shit....

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