The big announcement

The big announcement

Friday September 28 2012 Author: henrybomby Location: United Kingdom

With yesterday’s big announcement of the new Artemis Offshore Academy squad for 2013, I feel inspired about the year ahead, so inspired I am even going to write a blog.

This time last year when I was selected as a full time member of the squad, I especially remember the excitement and determination I felt to really go out there and perform in the hope to compete in La Solitaire du Figaro the following year.

It is fantastic that the race is now becoming better known in the UK and a more trodden pathway into other offshore sailing. It's a very special race and making sure I am back on the start line in 2013 is the only one thing I care about right now. It's a strangely all consuming thing, like it's the only thing that will make me happy. Once I get there, all that will make me happy is performing well I am sure, but that's a goal for later!

It is quite daunting to be going it alone and whilst I have hit the sponsorship hunt with everything I can think of, the fact of the matter is, there are far more no's than yes's and it's difficult to not take it personally at times.

I say going it alone, all of us 'graduates', are still receiving huge amounts of support from the Academy. We won't be left out in the dark and it's nice to be able to chat things through with an experienced team who have seen it all before and seen many campaigns formed in different ways.

Right now I am working hard to build support for my campaign locally. I currently have three local businesses’ who have agreed to come on board the project and am currently working towards finding ways to buy my own Figaro. Artemis are lending me one of the boats from their fleet for a week to bring to Dartmouth to get people on board, literally. The days are booking up fast which is fantastic! I will also be doing a press day to show local businesses the kind of coverage supporting my campaign could generate and ultimately get them a return on their investment - it's a business after all.

So exciting times ahead for sure and I am looking forward to meeting and catching up with the new squad, and especially cannot wait to get back out on the water!



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