Ian Walker: Amazing what you can achieve in 24 hours

Ian Walker: Amazing what you can achieve in 24 hours

Friday April 20 2012 Author: Ian Walker ADOR Location: Brazil

It’s amazing how much can be achieved in 24 hours. This is how long we have had Azzam in our hands since she was offloaded from the ship yesterday morning. It is also roughly how long we have before the in port race tomorrow. Things are going well so far. The damaged area of the boat is 80% fixed with mainly the process of post curing to go through.

The rigging has been though an ultrasound and all is OK – it is now being refitted to the mast which has been stripped and serviced. Azzam is crawling with people, like a hive of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing branded ants, all servicing and checking their own areas. Two teams of boatbuilders have been working nonstop throughout the night on the repair and other jobs, the riggers are replacing ropes, the sailmakers have checked and serviced all the sails. In short we have about a week’s worth of work to pack into 48 hours and so far we are on our very ambitious schedule.

The sailors are trying not to be distracted and focusing on the In-Port Race and leg start just like it is any other leg.

Weather briefings and strategy meetings are going on as normal. The plan now is to re-step the mast tonight, launch Azzam early tomorrow morning in time for a quick sail to check things before start time. It is not 100% certain that we are going to make it yet but confidence is rising. If we do make the start tomorrow it will be entirely down to the great work of our shore team and the help from Farr Yacht Design. If we don’t I can assure you it will not be through a lack of effort, planning or ambition. The team are as focused and determined as I have ever seen them – we just have to hope we have thought of everything and there is nothing we don’t know about yet that could trip us up.

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