Ian Walker: Dodgey start

Ian Walker: Dodgey start

Monday June 11 2012 Author: Ian Walker ADOR Location: none selected

There can be no denying we made a right pig’s ear of the start. Groupama held us high in the last minute and we were then unable to lay the committee boat end on starboard – a late spinnaker hoist and a misunderstanding onboard meant we unfurled the spinnaker on the wrong tack and as we gybed it all went inside the headstay.

To compound matters, the spinnaker wasn’t on the lock correctly and it fell out of the sky and nearly hit the race committee boat! It was a bit embarrassing in front of former World Footlballer of the year Louis Figo so I turned to him and said ‘that wasn’t very good we are normally much better than this!’

The good news is that we quickly got things under control and our plan to stay out in the middle of the river looking for more wind paid off handsomely. By the bottom mark we were up to third and the fleet spread out quickly when it turned up current. Now we are already 50 miles from Lisbon and well on our way. Groupama and Telefónica have started marching forwards as expected but we seem to be hanging on to PUMA and CAMPER for now. I can’t end this blog without thanking the city and people of Lisbon. All I can say is that we love your city, we appreciate your kindness and we will have fond memories of this stopover for a long time to come.

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