Ian Walker: Keeping up with Camper

Ian Walker: Keeping up with Camper

Thursday April 26 2012 Author: Ian Walker ADOR Location: none selected

At the start of this race one of the things I was looking forward to most was some close racing in similarly matched boats. So far in this race that has eluded us in all but short bursts but finally we have a nice battle on our hands with Camper.

Downwind there is not much between us, so we are hoping the wind stays as far aft of the beam as possible. After losing some miles last night we have benefitted from the light air transition and sailed up right behind them. We are still shadowing each other in the West which seems to have been working out well for us – long may that last!

The key to this leg was always likely to be trying to get into the trade winds first and that is the prize for whoever gets through this patch of light wind. So far we have managed to keep moving but we are under no illusions that any boat could park up at any time. One good thing is that we have managed to get much further East than once looked likely. That puts us closer to those out to sea which should help us in the medium term when we finally get clear of this transition.

Last night was another beautiful night of sailing with more stars than you could ever imagine. Today has dawned clear and with a nice smooth sea. I am not sure how long things will last but so far leg 6 is being kind to us. Maybe it is good karma for the Aussies and Kiwis we have onboard who have not let us forget that it is ANZAC day. Nocka has not only brought an Aussie flag but has also been practicing his marching on deck – maybe the sun is getting to him.

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