Banque Populaire due home on Friday

Banque Populaire due home on Friday

Tuesday January 3 2012 Author: James Boyd Location: none selected

At 0200 this morning Banque Populaire finally turned her bows towards Europe as she attempts to round the giant high in the North Atlantic. Following on from part 1, so today we publish part 2 of our video guided tour to the Rolex Sydney Hobart-winning mini maxi, Loki. The latest arrivals in the Global Ocean Race have been Miranda Merron/Halvard Mabire, followed by Marco Nannini/Hugo Ramon. The Aussie A-Cat Nationals are underway, with (no surprises) Glenn Ashby dominating, as the Fireball Worlds are also taking place down under. See the latest blogs from Brian Thompson and Marco Nannini.

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