Atlantic Cup leg 2 complete

Atlantic Cup leg 2 complete

Wednesday May 23 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

After a great stop-over in the wonderful city that is New York, filled with skippers parties and an brilliant Pro-am race it was time to leave and once again get onto the race track taking us north to Newport Rhode Island, commonly known as the Ocean state!

The start was light, with teams fighting it out with tack after tack, with Halvard on the helm and Miranda running the foredeck perfectly, Campagne de France overthrew Dragon and Initiatives. Campagne held the highest upwind position accompanied by Mare and were the first to change to their code zero as the breeze fell and shifted forward. A move which pushed them to third as they moved past the Verrazano bridge. As the rest of the day went on Campagne de France took the lead of leg two in the Atlantic cup and slowly made headway north! As the sun set they sailed past the Ferris wheel off the Jersey shore with Bodacious dream hot on their heels with at least 9 rigs to stern. “Both Miranda and Halvard never stop pushing their boat and no piece of baggage has a designated home for more than thirty minutes!” stated MCM Sam Greenfield!

As morning fell the sea state provided heavy chop and moderate ocean swell with the wind hard on our nose as we beat close to 70 degrees on port tack all night, using the forward port ballast! Although the wind created some interesting sailing it was a clear and starry night allowing Halvard to get some needed rest! With the sporadic position reports we were not sure if we had sustained our first place position. So with our hydro-generator working away we continued on with around 70 miles to Block Island!

Later that day the sea state calmed slightly and Halvard had been glued to the helm for the majority of the morning! The latest position report had us keeping a close watch on Mare who at last report was roughly fifteen miles to our south east but inside of the right shift. At this time our position was roughly a mile off Shinnecock bay and Southampton, we later found out that a member of the public found a webcam off the beach showing us sail past much to several people’s amusement! At around 1445 we tacked out only to find Mare on the opposite tack crossing our bow around 30 minuets later, but soon after our German counterparts tacked also and joined us in a drag race north! After loosing positions to Icarus, Mare and Bodacious dream we started to access our options approaching Block Island, to leave it on port or starboard. As we set up the split we predicted occurred with 10 boats leaving it to starboard and 4 to port. Campagne de France took the decision to go east with the smaller group consisting of Mare, Bodacious dream, and later on Sevenstar. With the tide about to start ebbing, it will be tough to say which side will pay off. Last year in a similar situation, the inside paid, but the tide situation was slightly different. Also, the breeze was starting to lighten close to shore and perhaps shift slightly north as it does. This would favor the northern boats, but the outbound tide might favor the outside boats.

As the night went on we found that the decision we made to go to port was the correct decision gaining third place from the boys on Icarus and closing on Mare, but slipping behind Bodacious dream who seemed to steam along at 8 knots for the remainder of the night until 4 miles off the finish. With Bodacious dream slowing to 4 knots we were able to mount an attack but with a 4 mile separation from us to them it seemed somewhat unlikely so the fight for second begun. With two miles to go an almightly tacking battle begun with maybe two-dozen tacks being completed! More than we are hoping to do in the whole Quebec – St Malo transatlantic race later this year! Unfortunately Mare got to the wind before us and took it too the finish 5 minuets ahead of us!

With the standings as follows Campagne de France lie third overall:

1st Mare: 6 points
2nd Bodacious Dream: 8 points
3rd Campagne de France: 10 points
4th Gryphon solo 2: 22 points

With the inshore series taking place this weekend we could see some changes! Having not raced around the cans for several years we are expecting some strong performances from the American contingent, however we believe that the crew we have selected will work well as a team and are confident of some good results!!

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