Miranda Merron: hard decision to head west

Miranda Merron: hard decision to head west

Friday February 3 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

As several of you may have noticed Campagne de France began to position itself to a more northerly route yesterday, many thought it was to remove the 40-50 knot headwinds from the equation but in-fact it is with regret I have to tell you that the decision has been made to head west and pull in, into Auckland. Both Halvard and Miranda are in good spirits and know that the decision means that no damage can be done and continuing within the Global Ocean Race is possible! Please read the press release from the boat sent this afternoon:

Given the weather and sea conditions we have encountered, and given the forecast weather along the northerly route which we have to take because of ice to the south, we felt that there was a strong possibility of boat breakage on this leg if we were to continue. Apart from the fact that sailing into the wind and seas is rather uncomfortable (we certainly aren't competing in the GOR for comfort!), it is much tougher on the boat than sailing downwind. Based on the weather information available to us, with upwind conditions for much of the course to the scoring gate, we felt that the risk of breakage was too high in this remote part of the world.

It is the responsibility of each skipper to assess the risks involved and to decide to race or continue racing, based on conditions experienced or expected. Our decision to head back is the result of this assessment.

It has been an incredibly difficult decision to take, and one not taken lightly. We have spent almost two years focussed on this project, and there are a considerable number of people who are supporting this project.

More news soon.

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