Miranda Merron in the Southern Ocean: Masthead journey

Miranda Merron in the Southern Ocean: Masthead journey

Wednesday February 8 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

Last night just before dark, taking advantage of the now relatively benign conditions, I went up the mast to secure the main wind wand which was swivelling around. The various saftey mechanisms which keep the wands attached to the masthead where they are subjected to pretty violent motion had mainly held, but a few hours more upwind slamming would have seen the main wand join countless other wands on the ocean floor. Much use of electrical tape, and the wand is more or less aligned and not going anywhere for now. Over the past few days, as the wind and sea has abated, a thorough inspection of the boat has turned up a longer repair list than the previous two legs combined. Nevertheless our brief foray into a small corner of the Pacific Ocean will not have been not that far off the length of a transatlantic crossing.

This morning we passed East Cape with its stunning mountains behind, flying downwind with the wind acceleration around the land, the air full of the scent of damp earth. We are now crossing the Bay of Plenty under a cloudless night sky, and should reach Auckland in a day or so (the wind has gone on extended tea break). We have plenty to keep us busy in Auckland, getting Campagne de France back into racing mode, and working out what next.

We will let you know as soon as we have a plan.

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