Miranda Merron on the Normandy Channel Race

Miranda Merron on the Normandy Channel Race

Tuesday September 4 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

We have had a full on race so far. Not much wind most of the time, but a beautiful summer day on the south coast of England, so a lovely sail through the Solent. And most importantly, favourable tide - lots of it. I resisted the temptation to swim to Hamble. We have been fighting it out all day with Talanta, Aquarelle and Concise. Not sure what the night will bring, but almost certainly not much wind and strong foul tide for the next few hours. Getting round Portland will be challenging. There has not been much opportunity for rest so far, but I imagine it's the same for everyone. Lots of sail changes, manoeuvres, stacking and re-stacking with every change in wind strength/ direction. More of the same on the menu!

Tuesday morning:

It was a lovely clear moonlit night until the fog descended. Now it's a foggy morning, and the wind has gone on holiday for the time being. It's a bit deep to anchor here if we start drifting backwards with the tide. Concise is less than half a mile away but totally invisible. Our other two playmates have separated to the south, though I'm not entirely sure where in the fog they are hiding. I hope the conditions improve, having told Dave and Matt on Bodacious Dream about the stunning south coast of England. It would be a shame for them if the coast stays shrouded in damp cotton wool.

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