Miranda Merron on the Quebec-St Malo

Miranda Merron on the Quebec-St Malo

Monday July 30 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

The day has dawned grey, mainly foggy and still raining. Campagne de France is still ahead of the cold front, and we have also found the Gulf Stream, all of which helps with going fast in generally the right direction. As does a good mug of earl grey tea.

We usually only have thermal mugs on board, but the fine mug in the photos made its way on board at the last minute in Quebec. Will try not to break it before the finish!

Other than that, we are living in rather humid conditions - courtesy of the sea on deck, and wet clothes and condensation below deck. Luckily for you, we cannot e-mail you the special perfume emanating from the boat... And as the weather is lending itself more to indoor activities, the entire crew is playing the Cold Front Game avidly (see earlier blog from Halvard for rules of game).

I can hear dolphins from where I am sitting at the nav station typing this. Campagne de France, damp Sunday morning in the North Atlantic.

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