Miranda Merron on the Quebec-St Malo - full steam ahead!

Miranda Merron on the Quebec-St Malo - full steam ahead!

Tuesday July 31 2012 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

850 Miles from St Malo - fastest boat in the fleet at 17knots

More on life on board a Class40 heading at high speed down / across/through waves. All non-essential activities have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. All crew members in full battle dress (foul weather gear, boots, lifejackets/ harnesses), ready for immediate action should the spinnaker need to be removed in a hurry. Not
because of the wind, but because of the sea state.

Need bigger rudders! Two hands required for simply moving around. It's noisy at 18 knots boat speed, the keel sings, and the boat is bouncing on the water. Sometimes under water too. Luckily it isn't cold because it is extremely wet..

Conversely, making tea is relatively easy and safe - it's quite alright to accidentally pour boiling water over protective clothing! Keeping tea in the mug a bi more challenging though. Only another how many more miles of this??? We are about to pass the 800 mile mark to our waypoint at Brehat. This is a part of the world we havent seen
since last August.

Campagne de France

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