Ryan Braymeier: Waiting to leave on Maserati

Ryan Braymeier: Waiting to leave on Maserati

Monday December 31 2012 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Waiting is a funny thing. Since we brought Maserati north from Charleston at the beginning of December, I have been ready to go sail around Cape Horn to San Francisco.

The Golden Route.

Truth be told, I have been waiting to do this for years.

When I started sailing in the early 1990s, I read a lot about sailing, as I do with anything that interests me. Maybe I should have been spending a bit more time reading my textbooks, I was at St. Mary’s College, MD and had plenty of large books I was supposed to be reading.

At the time, I never dreamed that the stories I read about Isabelle Autissier and Yves Parlier would be something that I would be emulating, 20 years later.

I imagine I am following the same cycle they did, reading about something, fixating on it, and doing it later. They followed the Flying Cloud voyage, and I am following theirs, along with my Maserati teammates.

We have been waiting to leave for a couple weeks now. I am feeling itchy, restless and ready to get the show on the road. We all are.

While I was waiting, I got to spend some time in Maryland and see my family. I also visited my alma mater at St Mary’s.

The university waterfront sailing facility was the first place I ever set foot on a sailboat and is where I learnt to sail. Another reason I never read those textbooks.

Things have changed a lot since I was there, but I was happy to see faces remain the same. The director of the waterfront, Adam Werblow showed me around the new sailing center. It was great to go back even if I was a little sad to see the old, small converted house I remembered was gone and has been replaced by a massive brick building.

A bit like comparing the Flying Cloud to our Maserati; the latest greatest in modern ocean racing technology. While we have a canting keel, water ballast and Kevlar sails, they could carry hundreds of passengers, but took 87 days to cover the route. Not to mention they were made of wood.

I felt a huge amount of inspiration going back to St Mary’s, and it was spine chilling to think about the challenge I am about to undertake, while visiting the place where my passion was born.

Things move on, and progress waits for no one.

We are finally finished waiting, and will be leaving NYC tomorrow midday. The only thing which has not changed since the days of Flying Cloud is the weather. I can imagine they left in the freezing cold, and so will we.

Here’s to getting south of the Gulf Stream as fast as we can.

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