Sam Davies: A hard day

Sam Davies: A hard day

Thursday November 15 2012 Author: Sam Davies Saveol Location: none selected

A hard day today as Saveol and I have been crossing the cold front and its thundery low pressure system. As I am a bit behind the others I am nearer the centre of the low pressure which means both more wind and also bigger calm patches.

It has been a tough day trying to get the sail combination right, as the wind changes quicker than I can change the sails. SO, it is all about compromises and I am a bit frustrated not to be able to do better.

I have had up to 35 knots of wind and also as little as just 5 knots of wind. Some of the big squalls have been kind enough to give me a bit of warning with the huge black lines across the sky (see photo) but I'm a bit worried that tonight is going to be a lot harder as the nights are really really black (no moon) – as my Australian friend would say "as black as the inside of a cow".

By tomorrow morning when you read this I should have got through the trickiest bit, but the exit is not going to be easy and Saveol and I will get a little 'pasting'  tomorrow during the day with more than 30 knots of wind forecast !

As I write, the wind is being co-operative and so I am having a little 'rest' at the chart table seat waiting for my freeze-dried dinner to re-hydrate (fish stew and pasta).

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