Sam Davies: Back at sea again

Sam Davies: Back at sea again

Tuesday November 20 2012 Author: Sam Davies Saveol Location: none selected

Hello everyone

Saveol and I are back out at sea. This time with a different challenge: to get back to France without our mast.

Thanks to lots of new friends in Madera, plus Erwan, Romain and Julien's hard work, we turned Saveol round in two days, and even found a broken mast that we now have up as a jury rig.

A big thanks to the Club del Mar at Funchal, especially Hugo who looked after us, and also to Joao who helped with everything!

We picked the mast up in Canical as we left, so yesterday afternoon we worked on it to rig it up and stepped it just before dark. With no wind last night, we motored, and this morning we put our first sails up! We have Saveol's storm jib, plus a Laser sail that we also were given in Madera. Other kind donations mean we do have more old sails, but this will do for now as we are expecting quite a lot of wind today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately tomorrow we have headwinds, so we are not sure whether we will manage to move forward at all.... fingers crossed..... but then after that we should have a smoother ride towards Cascais.

I am totally shattered, so I have also had some great sleeps, and for the first time since before the start of the Vendee I have got out my super OceanSleepwear sleeping bag and pillow and it is SO GREAT to sleep in my bunk out here at sea. Likewise, the hard conditions for the first week of the Vendee weren't very good for eating well, so I have been discovering all the nice food I have packed on board that I just didn't have time to get out before now!!!


More news soon

from Sam, Erwan and Savéol - 356.5 nautical miles from Cascais!

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