Sam Davies: Growing waves

Sam Davies: Growing waves

Wednesday November 14 2012 Author: Sam Davies Saveol Location: none selected

Hello from the ocean!

Since yesterday evening, life is now at 20° and the decks are being hosed down by growing waves!

Yesterday was pretty full-on and for once I was hoping that the light winds would last a long time so that I could get my jobs done, plus change Saveol from light downwind mode to strong upwind mode! (sail changes plus stacking!)

I changed the broken clutch and identified why it had happened (to avoid the same problem in the future.) It took a few hours to do it properly and put everything back together again. The lucky clutch even got to use my toothbrush for a good clean-out (!) hmmmmmm!

Then I got into my sail changes and re-stacked Saveol for upwind and just about when I finished the new wind started blowing!

Since then, the wind has increased and so it was a night of small sleeps interspersed with sail changes.

And now for an update on the skipper: I am happy to say that I seem to have escaped the "Les Sables" cold, I am quite well rested and manage to eat when I have time (thanks to my Mum for the pasta salad for the first 2 days!) My hands are really sore from the manouvering and touching the ropes and I have a few bumps and bruises from the windy days.


Talking about food, it's time to go and make my porridge....

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