Sam Davies: Wrong way

Sam Davies: Wrong way

Wednesday November 21 2012 Author: Sam Davies Saveol Location: none selected

Hello everybody,

Today Saveol is travelling at snails pace. NOT towards where we want to go (Cascais) but towards Tanger! Great if we wanted to go on a kitesurfing holiday but that is not the objective for this trip. The reason is the wind. There is too much and in the wrong direction. But actually it is a lot better than I had feared - at least we are still making headway East and tonight the wind will drop and allow us to slowly change our course to the NE back towards Portugal.

Other good news - the mini-mast has held up through 25 knots upwind with the storm-jib working hard. It does do impressions of a piece of spaghetti from time to time as we crash over the waves but it is thanks to this that we have made headway!

And we have had some good sleep! The advantage of running the motor is that the inside of Saveol is warm and dry!

So, now it is breakfast time - an orange, a grapefruit, a cup of Earl Grey and some porridge! That will keep me busy for a while!

Sam and Erwan on board Savéol 

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