Alex Thomson: One more front before the Horn

Alex Thomson: One more front before the Horn

Wednesday January 2 2013 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

Good morning from the Southern Ocean!

It’s been a fast night on board Hugo Boss which is reflected in the miles that I’ve gained the three in front. I have slowed a bit this morning as I pass through a weather front, but that should be the last front before heading round Cape Horn. My routing currently has be passing around the Horn at around 06.00 (GMT) on Friday 4th January, this isn’t ideal timing as it will be the middle of the night for me so will be dark which is a little concerning given the current warnings of reported ice in the area. I am very much looking forward to getting around though and out of the Southern Ocean and heading North again - especially as this will be my first solo rounding.

The weather once we turn the corner isn’t looking too complicated with consistent trade winds back up to the North Atlantic. Unfortunately, over the next 10 days I’m only due to be on a starboard tack for around 12 hours which means hardly any opportunity to get the working hydro in the water to generate power. It also means that I continue to work in ‘dark mode’ and that my power consumption is at an absolute minimum – I’ve got a bit more used to the lack of contact now, but it’s still hard not being able to speak to my family or stay connected to the world as much as I would like to.

Finally, I wanted to mention what a shame it was to hear of Bernard’s disqualification this morning. While I understand the reasons taken into account by the jury I do feel it was quit harsh Given the huge amount of work he had done to get the Hydro working so he could continue in the race, and taking into account what happened to him in 2008 where he lost his boat it sounds as though he did what was necessary for the safety of himself and his boat. I really feel for the guy.”

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