Alex Thomson: One working hydrogenerator

Alex Thomson: One working hydrogenerator

Wednesday January 9 2013 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

“The big news is my hydro generator bracket is finally finished and the hydro is currently filling my batteries fully for the first time in a month! It has been a very long process from when a broke off in a collision a month ago but I am pleased i took my time with it and very happy to have been able to do it at sea and without stopping.

A big thank you to Caterham Composites, Farr Yacht Design and our team who together came up with a viable solution that was doable on the move.

It has been a difficult month saving power but hopefully fingers crossed i wont have any more issues and can start running the boat normally again. I cant wait to make a load of water and get this bread off my face for one!

The weather files show that I should be sailing fast downwind for the next couple of days and will eventually cross a small low pressure system situated south of Rio. I will watch the timing of this system carefully as there will be very little wind behind it so I must cross it and enter the trade winds and the optimum time.

I am a little tired but super happy to be up and running again properly.

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