Alex Thomson: Pea souper

Alex Thomson: Pea souper

Monday January 7 2013 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

I am in the middle of some very thick fog, and conditions at the moment are pretty light. But thankfully, as my heater is still out of action as I save power, it is starting to get warmer as I head up north. I spent a short time on a reach during the night, but today I am back on the wind. The current conditions don’t marry up to what is forecast, which can be frustrating but there is nothing I can do about it but to sail the best I can in the wind that I have, I am still making good speed and happy with my progress north.

With the warmer weather I should really be thinking about shaving my beard. It is by far the longest time I have ever gone without shaving. I am not sure what I think about it, but at the moment I have no choice but to keep it. It would take about half a bucket of water for me to shave, and at the moment with my power issues I can’t spare that much water!

With regards to power I am hoping things will be back to normal soon. I have made the repairs to the hydrogenerator. I now just waiting for the right conditions to finish of the final parts of the repair, fingers crossed they will come soon and then I will be ready to test it.

It was such a shame to hear that bad luck had struck Bernard again. I really feel for him after all the effort he put in to get sailing again and I only hope he can fulfil his goal and can make it to Les Sables d’Olonne.

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