Giovanni Soldini: Six days in

Giovanni Soldini: Six days in

Monday January 7 2013 Author: Giovanni Soldini Location: none selected

We left New York six days ago.

For the first 24 hours it was freezing cold! The morning we left New York we were busy breaking the ice on the deck, around the rails, on the sails… The air was freezing and the water was even worse.

Leaving New York on a boat is always a unique experience, but as soon as we put to sea our emotions changed. Maserati dives down from the waves, like a wild horse of the seas galloping at over 30 knots! Last night when i was at the helm we sailed 33 knots and some other crew members did even better. For all of us, being at the helm of this super Maserati that flies on the water, growling at an insane speed, is truly an unbeatable experience.

When the boat flies down from the peak of a wave, you see water on your left and on your right as high as a mountain. Then you straighten the boat just touching the rudder and Maserati takes off…until you end up in a trough and there the boats stops, the water is all over the deck and you think it’s all over. But the next wave comes and it starts all over again. This is how our life has been in the last hours: we are focused on our challenge, we take our shifts at the helm, we try to live the best we can inside the boat.

You can’t say that Maserati is a dry boat: we spend most of our energy trying to keep the water out. Sometimes a bucket and a sponge are a man’s best friend! Just as I’m writing a huge wave has hit the boat and Maserati looks like a submarine. There is not a single sleeping bag that isn’t soaking wet, we hope to dry them out in the next days.

Luckily we all are in high spirits, we are a great team and we are all very focused on our challenge. Sometimes I think about the clippers and the sailors challenging this route 150 years ago, I just can’t imagine how hard it must have been for them.”


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