Upwind headbanger for Vendee Globe leaders

Upwind headbanger for Vendee Globe leaders

Monday January 7 2013 Author: James Boyd Location: none selected

In the Vendee Globe the race leaders remain upwind but with a westerly shift due today. Meanwhile Jean le Cam is lining up for a lively rounding of Cape Horn tomorrow. The international jury has reopened the case that resulted in Bernard Stamm’s disqualification but since then Cheminees Poujoulat has suffered another collision destroying the hydrogenerator Stamm fixed in New Zealand and the boat’s retirement (if she is not disqualified) seems very possible. Brad Devine and Ian Furlong posted a new perfect scoreline at the International 14 Aussie Nationals. Meanwhile Ryan Breymaier reports from on board Maserati in her New York-San Francisco record attempt.


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