Campagne de France third

Campagne de France third

Thursday April 18 2013 Author: Miranda Merron Location: France

Tonight brought the end of the 2013 Normandy Channel Race won by the highly successful German skipper Jorg Riechers and co-skipper Pierre Basseur. So first many congratulations to the pair, they were tenacious when hunting down the fleet from 9th position on day 1.

This as you can imagine has been the quickest NCR race of its short history (3 days, 7 hours, 57 minuets and 30 seconds. Completing the course in an average speed of 8.08knts), admittedly it was somewhat reduced by the expulsion of both Tusker and Fastnet rock but this was a decision made by the race director due to adverse weather conditions and we for one were pleased with the decision. This edition also saw the highest rate of attrition with 9 of the 20 boats heading back to port early with technical problems be them large or small.

Both Miranda and Halvard will be very proud of their achievements and will be happy to get the 2013 season off to a good start, in such a competitive race! A larger piece will be sent out tomorrow when I have obtained more information and spoken to the tired crew!

For them I think it is one more night on the boat as they wait for the ouistreham lock to open tomorrow morning!

All the best, More tomorrow. Sam 

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