37 days to go

37 days to go

Thursday September 5 2013 Author: pips74 Location: none selected

It’s gone 9pm and I am just back from an evening working on the boat changing my running rigging.

English Braids have supported my racing campaigns since I first met them with a new mini at the Southampton Boatshow in 2010. During that show they came down to my boat and entirely re-rigged it with English Braids racing rope which has seen me through qualification and a transat in 2011.

I have received the same attention from then on as I pushed their products to the max and they have listened to feedback and helped me to find the right ropes for a tough little boat. In preparation for the transat Justin Jones visited me in Poole a few weeks ago and we went through the boat looking at each of the ropes and deciding which ones needed replacing or upgrading.

Tonight Justin was back bearing goodies and we have worked through the evening, replacing runner systems, halyards, sheets, and my hard, hard working guys. It has been great to work with a company which really are concerned with giving me the best tools for the job and who listen to my feedback and respond with new solutions. When we looked at the boat a couple of weeks ago I highlighted that one of the issues I had was halyards slipping and now I will be trialling a new performance dyneema rope on both my main and jib halyards which is designed to minimise slippage between the jacket and the core.

It feels like it has been a long day. I will be having my last said this weekend to bed in some of the splices we have done tonight, especially on the high load areas like the backstays and guys. I received another £500 contribution to the race fund today which means I am down to £21650, Thank you all for your support. Only 37 days to go!

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