Ryan Braymaier - Maserati off to a roaring start

Ryan Braymaier - Maserati off to a roaring start

Tuesday January 1 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Wow, what a start to the record attempt and what a way to start the year. It has been absolutely out of control here. At the moment it is nearly too rough to use the keyboard.

We passed the Ambrose Light yesterday morning with the a-6 fractional spinnaker and are now down to the FRO and 2 reefs. We have 30 knots of breeze and have seen speeds up to 32 knots over the bottom.

Thankfully we got into warmer water very quickly so its not been too cold, despite the icy decks in New York.

We should have another day or so of these conditions, which may be the windiest time we see other than the Horn the whole trip.

Everyone is on good form and life onboard is good.

Time for me to get back on deck to join my watch partner Seb Audigane for another 4 hours of fire-hosing and whitewater rapids wading.

Happy New Year to all!

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