Ryan Breymaier: Around the Horn ahead of Gitana

Ryan Breymaier: Around the Horn ahead of Gitana

Tuesday January 22 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

At 3:35 GMT today we rounded Cape Horn on Maserati, our 70 footer. We are now headed upwind in 35 knots of breeze with storm jib and 2 reefs in the mainsail. This is 9 hours inside the mark set by the 110ft catamaran Gitana 13. Granted they waited behind the Horn for 5 days for a huge low to pass by, but we are happy nonetheless.

This marks the halfway point of our journey, and brings the question, should we see this as a glass half full or half empty moment? Have we finished half the course or do we have half still to go?

It seems fairly equal to me, but if previous experience rounding the Horn holds true, this landmark is like when you were a child and went on a long car drive for vacation; it takes forever to get there, and coming back seems like about 5 minutes.

We will go upwind now for a couple of days, with a constantly backing wind as we go up the Chilean coast on port tack. The plan is to skirt between the south Pacific High and the coast, sailing downwind, which transitions into the tradewinds. We hope to be inside the Gitana mark at the Golden Gate as well, but that is another story….

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