Ryan Breymaier: Busy day of boat work

Ryan Breymaier: Busy day of boat work

Saturday January 5 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

As promised, today was a busy day. With the big breeze behind us, the whole crew got on with putting the boat back together after the three day beating she's just taken.

The first mission was to dry out the boat and all our gear. Thankfully this wasn't too hard with the heat. I am definitely looking forward to climbing into a dried and aired sleeping bag in a couple of weeks when the weathercools off enough to use them again.

Carlos and Tiger got on with locating areas where water was coming in and sealing them using sika. Hopefully it will hold, every little leak is gallons very quickly on this boat and there are plenty of them. It is amazing how water finds every little crevice.

I got out my trusted tool kit and got on with the rigging jobs while Seb and Giovanni winched out the kinks in the stanchions. They are super heavy and thick walled so went back to nearly straight. Looks good from my house!

The tack lines are a nitemare to change as they are both on the same pin on the end of the bowsprit and we were flying the masthead zero at the same time, so a temporary tackline was called into service for the zero in order to remove the uniquely sized pin, nut, washer and set screw. Everyone is happy that nothing went into the water off the end of the sprit.

Guido (the mechanic) and Michele worked on putting the watermaker back on its mounts. This was a potential nightmare avoided and almost a show-stopper at one point. No watermaker, no water, home-time.

Michele our 'MCM' also took the time to make us a good meal. In the rougher weather it wasn't easy for him to get a decent meal for everyone and the food was more fuel than pleasure. Today he treated us to pasta Carbonara using a lot of the fresh ingredients we have left, as with the hot weather everything is going to spoil quickly. We will save the Eataly meat and veg freeze-dried for those times when it is too rough.. It was great for everyone to 'enjoy' a meal together, it was almost civilized!

Boris reckons we'll be at the Equator in less than 10 days. I hope so. In the meantime the sun is recharging the mental batteries onboard and preparing us all for the next chapter of this adventure.


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