Ryan Breymaier: Into the southeast trades

Ryan Breymaier: Into the southeast trades

Friday January 11 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

So, the southeast trades have not been super strong, but we have made good time, doing over 350 miles yesterday. With flat water and moderate breeze of 10-15 knots, the Maserati chews up the miles, and everyone off watch can really get some good rest without being thrown out of their bunks.

As we sail south, the breeze backs more and more, and stays constant around 13 knots… We have made changes from the J-3 to the J-1, J-1 to FRO, and soon enough will be switching to either the A3.5 or the A2 depending on the wind strength. If it stays light, contrary to what you might imagine, we will go with the 3.5 as it has a relatively tight luff, and does not collapse as the A-2 would when accelerating.

The future looks good, the latest long term routing has us at 34degS on the other side of South America on the 27th at midday UTC….. That would be incredible going, and given the reliability of the 15 day models, not super likely to play out exactly as advertised. We will see. In any case, the weather is being very kind to us for the moment.”

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