Ryan Breymaier Maserati: Congratulations Francois

Ryan Breymaier Maserati: Congratulations Francois

Sunday January 27 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Today is going to be a day of threading the needle on Maserati. We are skirting just to the east of the beginnings of the high, while at the same time a small localized low pressure has formed to our NE. we are trying to rest just between the two, avcoiding the windless centers of both. It is difficult because the exact location of the centers is not easy for the models to predict.

We rely on satellite pictures, in order to first check the models, and second to confirm what we see in the clouds on deck.

We have had very nice weather; in fact too nice to go quickly. It has been bright and sunny between 7 and 11 knots upwind for almost 2 days, and in fact is just starting to shift to the west as we get into the SE of the high pressure dominated area. We are sailing with full main and Masthead 0, steering a course NNW, trying to follow the isobars around the high, staying in the favorable flow and hoping it will build.

Tomorrow should see us gybing downwind along the east and NE of the high. Once we reach the northern limit of this feature, we should make a seamless transition into the trades.

It has warmed up to the point where half the crew are not wearing foulies any more, and in any case it is completely dry on deck. We are all conscious of this miracle but are enjoying the moment in a bittersweet way, as we are all aware that the firehosing is what would give us the best time. Those days are over for the moment it seems…

And finally. A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS TO FRANCOIS GABART! We have all been following the Vendée Globe through friends and family sending us regular updates on board Maserati. His continuous battle with Amel has kept us hugely entertained over the past 4 weeks, its been an amazing race to follow. I'm sure the celebrations will continue well through the night - Chapeau bas François.

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