Ryan Breymaier Maserati: Groundhog day

Ryan Breymaier Maserati: Groundhog day

Friday February 1 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Not much to tell onboard Maserati. We are in a field of easterly winds about 2000 miles across from north to south. It is interesting to see all the little islands which we come near on the map, we passed 400 miles east of Easter Island in the night, which makes me a bit jealous, I have always wanted to go there, and sometimes think of just gybing and getting there. (just one day with good breeze away)

We make sail changes a couple times a day, switching from the A3 under 13 knots to the A2 over that. It is important to use the tight luffed sail in light air as the A2 is a traditional nylon asymmetric, and cannot keep up with the changes in apparent wind as we accelerate on waves or with little puffs. As soon as we have a steady 14 knots, the boat comes alive under A2 and you just drive off in the puffs, as we are always looking to soak to get further west down the track.

Keeping it all interesting is the fact that the wind is from 10-16 knots, right on the crossover between the two.

We have 1500 miles to go to the equator, and life will continue just the same until then, a bit groundhog day.

We ran the GFS model a little while ago, and it shows us on starboard till the finish, circumnavigating a small high at the end of the route, with wind angles from 118 to 142 true along the whole of the next 14 days. This will be a bit monotonous, but quick, and we are after the speed :)

That being said, we obviously do not put too much faith in weather modeling out to 14 days!

We have our routine, and get a little news of the outside world from emails to various people, always exciting to hear how things are going outside our little space station, isolated from everything; we learned today that the record breaking Banque Populaire trimaran has been bought by Yann Guichard's Spindrift team!!! Will be exciting to see how they get on, they are already one of the major players on the MOD 70 circuit.

Otherwise, it is the same old rail talk, old girlfriends, late night bar antics, and dreams of what we will do/eat when we arrive and for the summer to come.."

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