Ryan Breymaier: Maserati's tricky route to the Horn

Ryan Breymaier: Maserati's tricky route to the Horn

Thursday January 17 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

We have a complicated weather situation onboard Maserati in the days leading to our Cape Horn rounding and will not be going extremely fast for the whole time. However, we should still be able to stay ahead of the average boatspeeds of all the records to date.

We have a front to get through tonight, this leads us to a high pressure which is nearly stationary and completely blocks our path. The eastern side of the high lies on the rhumb line which, as we are in the southern hemisphere means southerly winds coming out of the front, and for a couple days after that.

We will take this option as it is many extra miles to sail around the western side and there is a big risk of being caught in very light air. In any event, we will be making 13 knots or so, so progress will still be good.

Afterwards we will be in a messy transitional zone left by the northern half of the Southern Ocean lows as they wash over the Cape. We will pick our way along through this from north of the Falklands until we arrive at the Cape, to be met by some wonderful westerly and northwesterly breeze.

We would have been kidding ourselves to expect anything else. :)

As we get north, the winds will free up and eventually become the trades again!

For the moment, we are sailing with the A3 and full main in about 12 knots of breeze under sunny skies, making our way towards tonights frontal passage.

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