Ryan Breymaier: Negotiating the St Helena high

Ryan Breymaier: Negotiating the St Helena high

Saturday January 19 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Still 675 miles from the Horn on Maserati and we are sailing upwind in 12 knots, J1 and full main, in beautiful flat water with not a cloud in the sky. The boat goes great in these conditions, we can do 10 knots at 42 TWA.

We are sailing in high pressure, with the centre of the high about 250 miles to our west. We may have to make one more tack towards the center, in order to have enough angle that we can clear the Falklands as the breeze veers a little coming out of the southern portion of the high.

We will have light upwind for at least another 30 hours, and after a transitional period between the Falklands and the horn.

Then back to upwind for the rounding. It feels a little strange to be doing so much upwind sailing while trying to break records, but this is life.

On a final note, it is icy cold and clear here, we are trying to cover all exposed skin at night, and during the day the sun helps a little. We sit low in the cockpit out of the wind, and are grateful for the black patches on our foulies for a little radiant warmth. The birds are not even following us upwind.

ETA cape horn 22nd at 10 utc.”


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