Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Big day ahead

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Big day ahead

Friday January 4 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Today is going to be a big day. First, we are going to be attacking the high pressure ridge which lies between us and the tradewinds. This is great, because it means we have done 1500 miles or so since midday on the 31st, an average of 20 knots. We will have a day of light air downwind sailing, which is also great as it will allow us to dry out the boat, ourselves, and all our gear.

It is also going to be a big day because we have planty of things to fix. It is amazing what 3 days averaging 20 knots on a heavy monohull can do to the gear! Broken tackline, chafed reef lock strops, leaks around the main hatch,and aft deck hatch, watermaker off its mounts, bent stanchions, broken rachet straps to stack the sails, and this is not an exhaustive list. We probably will get less sleep in the light than we have in the breezy conditions due to the repairs. Luckily this is the most wind we will see for a long time, other than the odd squall….

It has already gotten hot, we are suffering in foulies in the bright sun, and the sunglasses and suncream came out in full force today. We already have those, namely boris who have given up on foulies and are just in a pair of shorts, enjoying the periodic dousing.

We are sailing southeast into a gently dying breeze, A3.5 and full main, still around 20 knots boatspeed in the surfs. 28.07n 47.52w

Here’s ho9ping its not too hot tomorrow, the sun hat is coming out for sure.


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