Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Chilly Doldrums crossing

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Chilly Doldrums crossing

Friday February 8 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

We are sailing under a cloudy sky, with rain, but it is not the usual doldrums crossing on Maserati.. First of all, it is only about 15 degrees on deck, even though we are at 7 north, and at night it is cold and wet, with enough humidity that we wear full foulies.

WE have been sailing downwind with the A3, but have just changed to the FRO. WE made the change because the waves from the trade winds are reaching us, even though we do not have the wind, and the boat pounds into them as we sail downwind, making us afraid for the cuben A3... The FRO is a much stronger sail, and we only lose a few degrees of depth for a lot of peace of mind.

AS we transition into the trades, the wind should back from its present 160 to about 70, and we will switch from the fro to the J1, and start close reaching, nearly upwind, into building breeze. We see about 16-18 max in the gribs, which will be perfect, plenty fast, and easy on the boat. It is still a mystery near the finish, will we sail upwind in high pressure, or will a low push the high out of the way, either leaving us downwind conditions(which would be nice), or just a mess of light air? WE will know in about 5 days time.

ETA late evening the 15th or early morning on the 16th...

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