Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Cold, frigid, chilling...

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Cold, frigid, chilling...

Thursday January 24 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

The only words I have to describe the time since passing the horn are: Cold, Frigid, bone chilling, etc. I think you get the picture.

When you decide to take on the Golden route, it is not all sun and fun. You make the commitment to going upwind in the Southern Ocean in 20 knots of breeze, and reaching in 6 degree water at 20 knots, with plenty on the deck.

This is how we have spent our last 2 days, trying to get up the coast away from the Horn, the Southern Ocean lows, and the cold water. We have done 475 miles as the crow flies since the rounding, and certainly over 500 in reality, as we passed south of Diego Ramierez island.

Thankfully the upwind with storm jib ans 2 reefs is finished, we moved from that to full main j4, and are now onto the FRO Full Main and J4 combination, with the wind aft of the beam, headed Northwest.

We have breeze still for another 18 hours or so, then another day of upwind before we get free of all this and can begin to go downwind again. The trades look fairly light, but it should be warm, and memories of the south will quickly fade.

The outlook long term is good; 15 days from now we should still be within 100 miles of the Gitana 13 record, with 2200 miles to go.

From a cold wet FAST Maserati, hope everyone is tucked in well with a nice cup of tea.



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