Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Final run

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Final run

Wednesday February 13 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

We are entering into the last few days onboard Maserati, and just as at Cape Horn, we are going to make this milestone sailing upwind.

We have about 675 miles to go directly north to San Fran, and about 800 or so when you factor in the one long tack to actually get there.

We are headed about 330 for a mark that bears zero, with a wind direction of 25-40. We will continue north for 2 more days, then tack as the wind backs
into the north; hopefully we can call the layline from 200 miles out - No pressure on the navigator - ha ha!

Conditions are very nice outside, sunny, chilly, and an average of 11 knots of breeze. It makes for easy sailing under J1 and full main. Though I am
certain everyone onboard would be perfectly happy to trade the easy conditions for the chance to kick in the turbo one more time for a 25 knot reach to the finish.

However this is not to be the case, and we are left with plenty of time on our hands to think about the fact that the sugar, coffee, biscuits, and all food other than freeze dried is gone... Talk now is definitely on favorite restaurants, what we are going to eat, favorite foods, the inevitable beer, how long bars are open in SF, etc....

Eta is still the night of the 15th, local time.

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