Ryan Breymaier: Upwind to the Horn

Ryan Breymaier: Upwind to the Horn

Thursday January 17 2013 Author: Ryan Breymaier Maserati Location: none selected

Maserati has passed the cold front, and is into upwind conditions. It was not very difficult, with gusts to 35 but only for a short period. We were well prepared after the last one, and went into the front with smaller sails up, hence no problems, although in the squalls it was pitch black and shifty, making for some interesting times at the helm!

Daybreak has given us a leaden sky, with patches of blue in the distance, much colder temperatures, and 12-18 knots out of the south. We are now truly into the south, our first albatross sighting was just after the front, and we are beginning to attract a following of birds. So far they are quite shy, so no photos yet… They are probably wondering why we are sailing against the prevailing breeze, sometimes we do too J

So, for the next 2 days at least the outlook remains hard upwind, we are on port right now headed for the center of the high. When the wind goes light, (approximately 18 hours) we wi8ll tack and go out the other side. The high is fairly stationary, making this a fairly risk free proposition. We are using our workhorse upwind sail the J3, and full main or 1 reef depending on the breeze.

In any case, we still go quickly, 12 knots hard upwind, and 13 cracked just a few degrees.

The outlook for the Horn remains the same, Upwind.”

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