Day 4: Inshore racing and fourth overall...

Day 4: Inshore racing and fourth overall...

Thursday February 14 2013 Author: Sam Holliday Location: United Kingdom

Day 4 brought with it a series of short inshore races, run on a windward - leeward course. As the day started the wind built slightly to 7 knots gusting 10 knots which proved plenty for a good days action out on the water. With protests galore and exceptionally close racing, half a boats length meant coming fifth not first.

Team Messe Frankfurt had a successful inshore series finishing with two fifth places and a sixth. We certainly learnt a lot from our other competitors - Bertrand Pacé recording three first places) and it proved a good warm up for todays offshore leg and inshore series when we reach Abu Dhabi. During the inshore series each boat is allowed to take a VIP onboard with them - enabling more people to experience first hand what yacht racing is all about. As a team we thought it was only right to invite Petra Herrera, her kindness and willingness to help us out has been unending and we certainly appreciate it. So we hope you enjoyed it! We look forward to meeting up with you for the finish in Oman!

Today marks the start of offshore leg.2 the longest and most tactically challenging. With numerous oil fields, restricted areas and exclusion zones we are very happy to have a very good navigator in PK (Peter Knight). The forecast is for winds starting at 7 knots building throughout the leg to 23, gusting 27! With the added swell, and pressure of dodging oil rigs it is certainly going to be a test of the boys mental and physical strength. The Race committee has set several virtual waypoints, and gates - as we are due to be passing at night its certainly going to make for some interesting racing. Our E.t.a into Abu Dhabi is around 10am, where two days off await - washing can be done, sleep can be had and we might even be able to do some exploring of the local area!

We would also like to say thank you to the Crown Plaza for yet another fantastic stay in their hotel here in Doha - the service was fantastic and the staff a credit to the hotel!

All the best, with much more news tomorrow. Sam 

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