Team Messe Frankfurt touch down in the Gulf

Team Messe Frankfurt touch down in the Gulf

Thursday February 14 2013 Author: Sam Holliday Location: United Kingdom


After 16 hours of traveling Team Messe Frankfurt have arrived in Bahrain in one piece! Some of the lads got some sleep whilst they could while others trawled through the vast expanses of Oman Airs onboard entertainment systems! After a quick Subway during our two hour transfer in Muscat, Oman we were met by the Captain and his Co-pilot and invited to have a look in the cockpit and have a photo with the crew and much to Jack’s excitement we eagerly accepted!

Once in Bahrain and through security we ushered ourselves straight to the marina to have a look at our boat for the tour. OMSF09 is brilliant, in fact she is the boat that won last years tour. It is evident that the French who sailed her have looked after her well and left her in near perfect condition for us to mount our campaign for the title! As I got to work filling out copious amounts of paperwork validating our entry, Marcel and the others got to work bringing

OMSF09 to life with our sponsors Messe Frankfurt’s logo. Its safe to say that she is now the best looking boat in the fleet and stands very proud next to Dee Caffari’s all female team!

Pete knight spent the majority of the day down below calibrating and organizing his navigational kit which will be so important over the next few weeks. Due to the one design nature of the race it puts nearly all of the emphasis on the sailors physical ability, decision making and team work. And I can assure you branding any boat is certainly a test of team work! However one we believe we passed with flying colours. The first day also included the mandatory rig climb for bowman Dom Silman - in order to check the rig, make any adjustments and place tape on the spreaders allowing for good guides whilst sailing. Dom said that “from the top of the rig you can clearly understand why Bahrain is the pearl of the Gulf”

After a long day a quiet night was certainly required - so we headed for the hotel restaurant; kebabs and seafood platters all around it proved to be the perfect opportunity to talk through the SI’s (Sailing instructions) and get a feel of where we are at. Tomorrow brings with it another busy day, with the teams weigh in at 8am local time (GMT + 3). With a full briefing at noon, the opening ceremony tomorrow night, and a good couple hours of sailing its bound to be a long one.

Until tomorrow, Sam

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