Team Messe Frankfurt's maiden sail

Team Messe Frankfurt's maiden sail

Thursday February 14 2013 Author: Sam Holliday Location: United Kingdom


Day two started with a fantastic breakfast supplied by one of our sponsors, the Crown Plaza who have kindly put us up for several stopovers. However on arrival to the race village it dawned upon us that 7 rather large guys will be over the stipulated 525kgs I talked about in yesterdays newsletter. As we thought we were over by several kilos however not an amount to be excessively concerned by - maybe just a smaller breakfast tomorrow!

On arrival to the boat we set about our jobs list including another rig climb for Dom, which turned out to be crucial. Whilst half way up Dom noticed the port D2 had become detached from the spreader, potentially causing the failure of the entire rig once subjected to any load! The highly capable Oman Sail technical team were however quickly able to replace the offending item with relative ease, much to our relief! As the day went on the jobs list was slowly completed; glow in the dark tape was placed on the sails and Petra took it upon herself to go grocery shopping. To our amazement the local supermarket happened to be a Waitrose full of expats so we certainly felt at home.

After a quick steak pie it was time for our first sail onboard OMSF09 aka ‘Messe’ although the wind was down it was hugely valuable to get out on the water familiarizing ourselves with possible start line procedures, locations of lobster pots and a chance to check out our newly branded sails! All of which was a resounding success.

Tonight brought with it a chance to meet some of the teams, race organizers and officials involved with Oman sail and the SATT at the welcome dinner kindly hosted by The Dragon hotel. With an all you can eat buffet and the chance for a beer it was gladly accepted and after hearing stories of previous editions we are all very excited about the upcoming racing.

We have just got back into our hotel rooms after our final sit down meeting as a team in Bahrain. With ideas flying across the room about tactics it was an interesting one and one that will certainly be of benefit. Conditions for tomorrow look light, in fact nonexistent. Wind is forecasted at 2knts gusting to 5 for the entirety of the leg! We expect to have crossed the finish line at around 11:30 local time (GMT +3) but as everyone has said this is the gulf so anything could happen!

If you wish to follow the race in real time please find the attached link below. This will take you straight to the Sail Arabia website but specifically to the Tracker:






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