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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Alex Thomson: Staying close to JP

Last night I saw some pretty strong winds, up to 30 knots, so I am very glad I came down to stay close to JP.

Alex Thomson: Enough is enough

I am shocked and gutted at the news that JP Dick has lost his keel.

Alex Thomson: Looking ahead

The next 24 hours will be a little slower for me as the wind is further forwards and I am virtually sailing upwind now.

Alex Thomson: Into the trades

I feel like I have got proper trade winds for the first time this morning which seem to be a little more consistent than yesterday and have slowly moved more to the east which is allowing me to go

Alex Thomson: Up to third place

I moved up into third last night when my routing a lot further to the west of the other three in this lead group paid off.

Alex Thomson: One working hydrogenerator

“The big news is my hydro generator bracket is finally finished and the hydro is currently filling my batteries fully for the first time in a month!

Alex Thomson: Pea souper

I am in the middle of some very thick fog, and conditions at the moment are pretty light.


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