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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Puma's Amory Ross

Heading: 319-degrees
Wind speed: 22.7 kts
Boat speed: 21.1 kts
Distance to Fastnet Rock: 80 miles
DTF: 250 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Feels like the Southern Ocean

Heading: 054 degrees
Wind speed: 32 kts
Boat speed: 24 kts
DTF: 630 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Limited options to Lorient

Heading: 013deg
Windspeed: 14 knots
Boat speed: 14.7 kts
DTF: 1200 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Back in business

Heading: 241deg
Wind speed: 18 knots
Boat speed: 19 knots
Distance to Azores waypoint: 570 miles
DTF: 1720 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Fingers and toes crossed

Heading: 142 degrees
Wind speed: 8.7 kts
Boat speed: 9.2 kts
DTF: 250 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: 1000 miles to go

Location: 300 miles NW of Azore Islands (Debate of morning: pronounced Ay-zoors, or ah-Zoors?)
Heading: 089-degrees
Wind speed: 19.2 kts
Boat speed: 20.3 kts

Puma's Amory Ross: Everything to gain and nothing to lose

Location: 750 miles W of the Azore Islands
Heading: 093-degrees
Wind speed: 19 kts
Boat speed: 21 kts
DTF: 1,550 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Crashed out on the bow

Location: 130 miles S of North Atlantic Ice Gate
Wind speed: 8.1 kts
Boat speed: 9.5 kts
DTF: 1,800 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Lying routing computer

Location: 1,000 miles W of the Azores
Wind speed: 12.7 kts
Boat speed: 7.4 kts
DISTANCE DTF: 1,950 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Turned on its head

Location: 730 miles ESE of Newport, Rhode Island
Heading: 077-degrees
Wind speed: 9 knots
Boat speed: 10.7 knots
DTF: 2,160 miles


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