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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Puma's Amory Ross: Stalking the low

Location: 450 miles W of Hamilton, Bermuda
Heading: 064 degrees
Windspeed: 18.3 knots
Boat speed: 19.7 knots

Puma's Amory Ross: Three doughnuts

Location: 100 miles SE of Eleuthera, Bahamas
Wind speed: 6.1 kts
Boat speed: 7.9 kts
heading: 320-degrees
Distance to finish: 350 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Two days behind schedule

Location: 200 miles E of Barbados
Wind speed: 18.5 kts
Boat speed: 21.6 kts
Heading: 318-degrees
Distance to finish: 1,500 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Two boats in sight...

Location: 450 miles N of Amazon River delta outlet
Wind speed: 19.4 kts
Boat speed: 20.8 kts
Heading: 325-degrees
Distance to Caribbean: 1,000 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Pleasant

Location: 160 miles E of Salvador, Brazil
Wind speed: 13.7 kts
Boat speed: 15 kts
Heading: 003-degrees
Distance to equator: 845 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Tense times

Location: 330 miles E of Salvador, Brazil
Wind speed: 12.7 kts
Boat speed: 11.4 kts
Heading: 340-degrees
Distance to Equator: 1000 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Close reaching in flat water

Location: 170 miles E of Campos, Brazil
Wind speed: 17.4 kts
Boat speed: 19.7 kts
Heading: 038-degrees
Distance to equator: 1,500 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Disconnected

Location: 130-miles SE of Rio de Janeiro
Wind speed: 6.7 knots
Boat speed: 6.3 knots
Heading: 059-degrees
Distance to equator: 1,650 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Thank you Itajai

Location: 210 miles NE of Itajaí
Wind speed: 15.4 kts
Boat speed: 14.2 kts
Heading: 074-degrees
Distance to Equator: 1800 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Last man standing

Location: 100 miles W of Punta del Este
Boat speed: 12.5 KTS
Wind speed: 22 KTS
Heading: 339 - degrees
Distance to finish: 520 miles


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