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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Puma's Amory Ross: The match race continues

Location: 190 miles S of Buenos Aires
Boat speed: 12.3
Wind speed: 19 
Heading: 064 degrees
DTF: 730 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Boat on boat

Location: 185 miles SW of Punta Alta, Argentina
Boat speed: 11.5 KTS
Wind speed: 12.5 KTS
Heading: 330-degrees
Distance to finish: 930 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Unbelievable

Location: 350 miles E of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
Boat speed: 19 KTS
Wind speed: 20 KTS
Heading: 031-degrees
Distance to finish: 1,200 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Back in the race

Location: 180 miles E of Punta Medanosa
Boat speed: 3 KTS
Wind speed: 5 KTS
Heading: 302-degrees
DTF: 1,450 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Cape Horn!

Location: 100 miles E of Tierra Del Fuego
Boat speed: 4.9 KTS
Wind speed: 6.2 KTS
Heading: 287deg
Dinish to finish: 1,785 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Anticipating Cape Horn

Boat speed: 17 KTS
Wind speed: 14 KTS
heading: 100deg
Distance to Cape Horn: 200 miles
Water temperature: 7deg C

Puma's Amory Ross; 500 miles and counting

We have just over 500 miles to go until Cape Horn, and that’s about the only thing driving the 11 of us forward right now.

Puma's Amory Ross: Hello port gybe

Location: Middle of nowhere, deep south, day 6
Boat speed: 24 KTS
Wind speed: 31 KTS
Heading: 060-degrees
Distance to Cape Horn: 957 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Chilly!

Location: Middle of nowhere, deep south, day 5
Boat speed: 17 KTS
Wind speed: 33 KTS 
Heading: 119
Distance to Cape Horn: 1,300 miles

Puma's Amory Ross: Acclimatising

Location: Middle of nowhere, deep south, day 2
Boat speed: 21 knots 
Wind speed: 35 knots
Heading: 090deg


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