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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Puma's Amory Ross: Taking a beating

There’s a reason they call upwind sailing 'beating' – it’s what we take while doing it. These boats are just not made to sail this way.

Puma's Amory Ross: Lonely start

Walking into to an empty marina was not exactly the way we wanted to start our morning, but as the last boat to finish yesterday’s course and the last boat to start today’s, that is how

Puma's Amory Ross: Weird day

No way to sugercoat it, this is a weird report to be writing. I could wait to send it from the hotel in a few hours! But that would defeat the purpose of an onboard report...

Puma's Amory Ross: Plenty to gain

There’s only a day and a half of racing left out here and still plenty to gain.

Puma's Amory Ross: Punishing conditions

These are punishing conditions out here. The upwind slamming, smashing, and thrashing we’re enduring is enough to make anyone hurt bad.

Puma's Amory: Where we going?

I bet you’re wondering what we’re up to? I bet you’re asking yourself, “Why are they doing what they’re doing?

Puma's Amory Ross: I-90 truck stop

Last night we waved goodbye to the Straits of Malacca and the hustling, bustling Singapore just to its south, and returned to the ocean life (our fourth different body of water this leg: the Indian

Puma's Amory Ross: Heading for a breaking

Yesterday I said it was going to be a make or break 24 hours. It appears now – after a full 24 hours – that we were headed for a breaking.

Puma's Amory Ross: Decisive day

Today could be the make or break day of this leg. Several major weather features have helped in splitting the fleet, and we find ourselves in a position that could see us go either way.

Puma's Amory Ross: Phase 2

Phase One, complete. We’ve made it across the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Bengal, still in one piece and very much in the hunt.


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