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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Ian Walker: Round the Azores

It feels good to once again be heading west rather than away from the Lorient finish.

Ian Walker: Questions, questions

As predicted, Groupama and Telefónica are giving a master class in reaching speed as the fleet slowly curves up in the lifting breeze towards the Azores.

Ian Walker: Dodgey start

There can be no denying we made a right pig’s ear of the start.

Ian Walker: Nerves of steel

After a tense night in light winds we seem to be poking our way through the high pressure ridge into better wind but I am not taking anything for granted yet.

Ian Walker - happy man

There haven’t been that many occasions in this race when we have been able to look forward to the three hourly position reports but the last 12 hours has been an exception.

Ian Walker: 11 very smelly men

Another fantastic night sail last night as we cleared the Doldrums and set off blasting across the trades with the spinnaker up.

Ian Walker: Accursed rain clouds

24 hours ago we sailed up to Camper as it went dark and managed to roll over the top of them as the wind went very light and fickle.

Ian Walker: Keeping up with Camper

At the start of this race one of the things I was looking forward to most was some close racing in similarly matched boats.

Ian Walker: Amazing what you can achieve in 24 hours

It’s amazing how much can be achieved in 24 hours. This is how long we have had Azzam in our hands since she was offloaded from the ship yesterday morning.


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