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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Ryan Breymaier: Into the southeast trades

So, the southeast trades have not been super strong, but we have made good time, doing over 350 miles yesterday.

Ryan Breymaier: Doldrums - tick

So, didn't we get lucky with the Doldrums? One day, 180 miles, in and out, two sail changes, no tacks or gybes, and plenty of boatwork done on our pitstop, most all of it waterproofing.

Ryan Breymaier - 160 miles to the Equator

So we blasted straight thru the tradewinds in good time; it was not your typical downwind slide like in the ARC brochure, more of a firehose reach as we crossed at a 90 degree angle.

Ryan Breymaier: Drench rate

At night I feel like if I could get the boat to plane a little higher, I could fly right through the Southern Cross.

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Into the Trades

At the time of this writing, Sunday morning EST on Maserati we are approximately 1200 miles east of Antigua, heading 155.

Ryan Breymaier: Busy day of boat work

As promised, today was a busy day. With the big breeze behind us, the whole crew got on with putting the boat back together after the three day beating she's just taken.

Ryan Breymaier on Maserati: Big day ahead

Today is going to be a big day. First, we are going to be attacking the high pressure ridge which lies between us and the tradewinds.

Ryan Breymaier Maserati: Third day of the low

We have our third day of the low pressure today.

Ryan Braymaier - Maserati off to a roaring start

Wow, what a start to the record attempt and what a way to start the year. It has been absolutely out of control here. At the moment it is nearly too rough to use the keyboard.

Ryan Braymeier: Waiting to leave on Maserati

Waiting is a funny thing. Since we brought Maserati north from Charleston at the beginning of December, I have been ready to go sail around Cape Horn to San Francisco.

The Golden Route.


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