• For sale | 28/10/2013 - 11:32 | Dinghies | amsterdam, the netherlands | 14000

    Mach 2, NED 3849 (loacted The Netherlands)

    Delivered May 2011, asking € 14.000,–
    KA MSL 13.2 sail, with stiff M2 mast
    Small & Normal rudder horizontal
    New gantry ( summer 2012)
    New center board+ main horizontal (summer 2012)(original on the bottom of Lake Garda…)
    New Hyde black tramps (October 2013) (+ original M2, some chafe, no holes)
    Vang upgraded to 1: 24, cunno to 1:8, both spliced endless. Outhaul to 1: 4, so you can adjust while sailing upwind under load!
    All controls lead out to the wingbar
    Set of wire and PBO shrouds
    New M 2.2 remote gearing adjuster
    Adjustable wand
    Bias adjuster
    speed puck mount
    All foils faired and sanded.
    Carbon cloth reinforced hiking straps.
    top cover
    wooden box can be provided
    pics available through dropbox
    contact constantijn13 at hotmail

    Phone: +31653179120